A tidier version of chisq.test() for goodness of fit tests and tests of independence.

chisq_test(data, formula, ...)



A data frame that can be coerced into a tibble.


A formula with the response variable on the left and the explanatory on the right.


Additional arguments for chisq.test().


# chisq test for comparing number of cylinders against automatic/manual mtcars %>% dplyr::mutate(cyl = factor(cyl), am = factor(am)) %>% chisq_test(cyl ~ am)
#> Warning: Chi-squared approximation may be incorrect
#> # A tibble: 1 x 3 #> statistic chisq_df p_value #> <dbl> <int> <dbl> #> 1 8.74 2 0.0126